Functional Expertise

Having worked with most of the leading BI and CPM software tools, element61 experts share a vast amount of functional experience in the automation of Performance Management & Business Intelligence. This makes us your ideal partner to help you match the specific needs of your organisation with what is feasible given your own timelines, budgets, organisation & ICT architecture. Based on this feasibility analysis, we can help you scope, plan, design and implement Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Corporate Performance Management projects & programs.

This functional expertise - tool & technology independent advice on best practices - exists in the following domains :
  • Strategy Management & Scorecarding
  • Business Intelligence
    • Dashboarding
    • Online analytic processing & OLAP (physical & in memory)
    • Managed & Operational/pervasive reporting
    • Mobile Business Intelligence
    • Business Activity Monitoring & Alerting & notification
    • Advanced analytics & Datamining
    • Analytical CRM/customer intelligence
    • Risk Management
    • Fraud detection
  • Corporate Performance Management
    • Planning, budgeting & forecasting
    • Customer Profitability Modeling & Activity based costing/management
    • Consolidation & management/financial reporting
  • Data Warehousing
    • Data Integration & Extraction, Transformation & Loading
    • Data cleansing & quality
    • Data Governance
    • Analytic applications & standard content
    • Metadata-management
    • Master data management
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Predictive analytics
    • Segmentation and clustering
    • Recommendation engines
  • Big Data
    • Data Lake storage
    • Hybrid architectures
    • IoT storage & connectivity
    • Real-time or streaming analytics
At element61, we also have developed our own structured approach to software selection, if this still would be required, and integrated this in our methodology elementary.

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