Co-developing AI


element61 differentiates versus competitors by focusing on coaching and co-development when implementing your AI Use-case. Our Data Scientists will work hand-in-hand with your (aspirant) Data Scientists and explain them step-by-step the approach and best-practices.


Co-developing AI


I love working with (aspirant) Data Scientists at our customer and sharing our knowledge and best practices with them 

- Floriant Sturm (Data Scientist) 


What is Data Science?

Although the concept of Data Science has been trending for years, many organizations today still struggle in really understanding its meaning, envisioning the opportunities and embracing a successful implementation. 

Data Science - also often referred to as Advanced Analytics or Machine Learning - can be defined as:

"the use of new mathematical approaches aimed to turn data into new insights and actions"

It thus points more to a concept rather than a specific software or application. It can be applied for pure analyses (e.g., understanding the drivers of specific data trends) but also to steer operational processes (e.g., a product recommendation engine, predictive maintenance alert, inventory replenishment order, ...). Data Science is relevant for all teams including Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Finance and HR.

The use of advanced analytics is truly visible all around us: Chatbots, advertising, newsletters and recommended playlists.

Advanced analytics does not need to be as complex as it sounds and does not only suit big organizations. With the right supporting technology, any analyst can now, without programming, leverage an entire toolbox to analyze big datasets and build models.

Co-developing AI

Peter Depypere, Competence Lead Data Science & Strategy


What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Science is the skillset of (1) being strong in analyzing towards data insights and (2) having the skillset to develop data science algorithms and its related data flows.  

  • He/she is an expert in quantitative techniques and statistics
  • He/she brings experience from previous Data Science projects
  • He/she knows the tools to build Data Science algorithms and their related data flows
  • He/she is hands-on and trained for rapid development allowing us to build rapid prototypes and Proof of Concepts

At element61, our data scientists are experts in their fields. They are trained coaches ready to grow the knowledge of your team.

Co-developing AI
  Data Scientists help end-to-end from data ingestion to modelling and reporting


What's the difference with ... ?

A Data Scientist focuses on Machine Learning projects and thus encounters other technical profiles in the process of finding and getting the data, interpreting it in the right way and/or bringing it to a production process. We see on the market that the role of a Data Scientist is typically too broadly defined and includes both visualization, database development as well as weekly or monthly "regular" business analyses. 

At element61, our Data Scientists focus purely on Machine Learning and Data Product development. Our Data Scientists can help build your Machine Learning algorithms and deliver it to you as a scalable data product ready to be used across your organization. Our Data Scientists love to co-develop and coach and can therefore work hand-in-hand with your internal teams to jointly build a successful delivery.