IBM BI Upgrading & Migration

IBM regularly releases new versions of its BI & Performance Management platform. In order to benefit from the newest functionalities, it makes sense to migrate or upgrade your projects to the newest version.

element61 can help you to determine the requirements of your migration and conversion projects. We first conduct a rapid audit to assess your existing infrastructure, architecture, performance, and capacity. We then deliver a project plan for the migration or conversion process to make the best use of existing resources, mitigate risk and ensure successful results.

Our consultants are constantly trained to stay up-to-date concerning the newest features of the latest IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and Performance Management releases. The results of this can -between other- be found as Insights in our Knowledge Base-section. This knowledge is bundled with extensive experience of the different versions of the products (IBM Cognos 10, IBM Cognos 8, Cognos Series 7, Cognos ReportNet, ...) and with past migration experience. They can help your organization in the assessment of the benefits, the expected costs and possible risks of the implementation of a new release.

By introducing an upgrade and migration methodology through our elementary methodology, we ensure our customers fast and successful results, whether you are upgrading software, up-scaling the hardware, doing a system expansion or load-balancing your business intelligence environment to multiple servers.

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