IBM Cognos TM1 Implementation

The key features and benefits of an IBM Cognos TM1 implementation are:

  • Solution that is owned by Financial and Business analysts, with limited IT involvement, but consistent with IT's governance.
  • Provides exceptionally fast performance for large, sophisticated models and data sets. The OLAP 64-bit technology of IBM Cognos TM1 meets even the most complex, multi-dimensional analytic needs of large-scale operations, so you can query data whenever you need tono matter how vast the data set may be.
  • A multidimensional database and tools: Dimension elements and cube data can be loaded via Turbo Integrator Processes. In addition dimension elements can be extended with dimension attributes for reporting/analysis and regrouped through subsets. Multidimensional slicing-and-dicing, drill-down help you explore data fully and efficiently.
  • Sophisticated modeling capabilities implementing the business logic, also referred to as Rules. These can be used to centralize custom calculations, override the default rollup behavior of hierarchical calculations and share data between cubes (e.g. a conversion rate lookup in a separate cube in order to report on different currencies).
  • A choice of interfaces: Microsoft Excel, Web and the TM1 Contributor for managed participation.
  • Adapts to your planning processes and rapidly incorporates best practices such as activity based management, driver-based planning and rolling forecasts.
  • Personalized planning and analytics within a managed planning process through sandboxing. While you're planning, you're not just viewing plans, but you're dynamically building your own personalized what-if scenarios, sharing them with the team and using the best scenarios to make informed decisions.
  • Workflow management tracks the entire planning process and gives you the status of every participant.
  • Break-back or Spreading functionality provides rapid data entry at any level within a cube and allocates this input data to the leaf level elements in proportion to other data elsewhere, for instance previous year values or values in a lookup cube containing relative spread patterns.
  • IBM Cognos BI Integration: TM1 can be used as a data source in Cognos BI. This means all Cognos BI Studio's, including Report, Analysis & Metrics Studio can access TM1 data. Cognos BI can enhance the deployment of a TM1 implementation by using standard Business Intelligence features like query and reporting, dashboards, analysis, scorecards, scheduling, distribution and alerts.
  • Supports Single Sign-on with other IBM Cognos applications. In addition, role-based security supports multiple users and user types.

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