Qlik Cloud Designer

Course Objective

The Qlik Cloud Designer Training is a dynamic 2-day program designed to equip participants with the practical knowledge and hands-on skills required for proficiently designing, developing, and visualizing data using Qlik Cloud. By the end of this training, participants will be fully prepared to create interactive, insightful data visualizations, effectively manage data from diverse sources, and expertly communicate data-driven insights to support informed decision-making within their organizations.

Target Audience

This Qlik Cloud Designer Training is designed for individuals eager to enhance their proficiency in data visualization and analysis using Qlik Cloud. The ideal participants for this course include:

  • Data Analysts: Professionals who want to deepen their data analysis and visualization skills to unlock valuable insights from complex datasets.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Professionals: BI analysts, developers, and managers seeking to leverage Qlik Cloud for more effective data presentation and decision support.
  • Data Scientists: Data scientists looking to expand their toolkit by mastering Qlik Cloud for interactive and dynamic data exploration and presentation.
  • Business and Data Professionals: Anyone involved in data-driven decision-making, including business managers, consultants, and IT professionals, will benefit from the ability to harness Qlik Cloud’s capabilities.
  • IT Specialists: IT professionals responsible for data integration and management will find this training valuable for enabling seamless data connectivity and transformation.
  • Aspiring Qlik Cloud Designers: Individuals with a passion for data visualization and a desire to become proficient Qlik Cloud Designers will gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to excel in this role.

No prior experience with Qlik Cloud is required, making this training accessible to both beginners and those with some familiarity with the platform. Participants should have a basic understanding of data concepts and a keen interest in utilizing data for informed decision-making.


Day I

On the first day of training, participants will explore the essential elements of Qlik Sense. They'll start by building a foundational knowledge of Qlik Sense before delving into the essential components of data analysis, including measures and dimensions. Visualization types will be explored to facilitate effective data representation, and participants will become proficient in making selections to interact with their data. Additionally, they'll harness the capabilities of Qlik's Insight Advisor and gain hands-on experience in creating their own Qlik applications, complete with customized sheets and visualizations. This day establishes the foundation for strong Qlik Sense usage and foundational visualization skills.

Day II

On the second day of training, participants will explore advanced techniques tailored for Qlik Cloud. They will learn the art of data storytelling, data integration from diverse sources and efficient data management using Qlik Data Manager. Additionally, participants will delve into expressions for advanced visualization customization and learn about Set Analysis.
This day also covers some Qlik Cloud unique features, including alerts, subscriptions, and Qlik Application Automation. By the end of Day II, participants will be well-versed in advanced Qlik Cloud capabilities, enabling them to conduct in-depth data analysis and streamline workflows through automation.


  • 1.350 € per participant for the 2 days

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