SAP Business Warehouse 3.5 was officially released in April 2004 and was the first so-called SAP NetWeaver '04 version of SAP Business Warehouse. It is considered to be a minor release as it did not include a lot of fundamental changes but mostly enhancements from previous 3.x versions 3.0, 3.1 and 3.3.

Some of the most important enhancements in the new release were:

  • Information Broadcasting via Business Explorer (BEx) Broadcaster
  • Open Hub Service
  • UD Connect
  • The Analysis Process Designer and Data Mining workbench
  • BPS: Planning and Simulation
  • SOAP-based Transfer of Data
  • Data Transfer Using SAP XI
  • Data Transfer Using Web Services
  • Better integration of BEx and Enterprise Portal
  • Enhanced zero suppression in BEx reporting

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