IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer helps you to quickly and easily understand data by offering data quality assessment, data quality monitoring and flexible data rule design and analysis capabilities. IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer is a key component of the IBM Information Server Foundations Tools.

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer offers the following profiling and data analysis capabilities:

  • Column analysis: Extract the structure and content of the profiled columns.
  • Primary key analysis: Extract and identify possible keys from the data.
  • Foreign key analysis: Extract and lookup foreign keys against their reference tables to validate the relationship.
  • Cross domains analysis: Extract the overlapping and redundant information from the analyzed columns.
  • Baseline profiling information in order to keep track of the changes overtime.
  • Compare actual metadata against defined metadata coming directly from the databases or from a data modeling tool such as ERWin or PowerDesigner.
  • Define data patterns and validity rules to apply on the list of values. The extracted values are then flagged as valid or invalid and the number of occurrences of invalid or unknown values can be measured.
  • Define rules and metrics to measure the quality level. Fixed and repeatable metrics can be defined to measure key data quality factors and to provide an immediate high level view on the data quality level.
  • Analyze data content and spreading: It allows to quickly view information such as number of distinct values and frequency repartition of those values but also to list orphan values or reference values which are not used.

Thanks to a complete integration with the IBM Information Server platform IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer can benefit from a secured and powerful environment to perform those analyses in an optimal way. It can also share the information produced with other components such as IBM InfoSphere Datastage or IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench by storing the results within the shared metadata server.

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer offers a better insight on the information in order to get a better understanding, a better view on its quality level and finally to accelerate information-centric projects by reducing the time-to-value to deliver enriched information.

element61 can assist you with a strong experience in data profiling and analysis and with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer to get a better insight in your data to improve return on investment (ROI) and time to benefit of data-intensive projects.

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