Prophix Financial Consolidation

Prophix Financial Consolidation, formerly Sigma Conso, was founded in 2002 by Allen White and is now recognized as an expert in the field of corporate performance management. The group has over 600 references and offers its clients flexible and innovative solutions to simplify their financial management.

Prophix Financial Consolidation aims to simplify processes for group reporting and planning professionals. The offer includes an integrated CPM software suite, financial advisory and consolidation training sessions to assist our clients in transforming the finance function.

About Prophix Financial Consolidation

Prophix Financial Consolidation delivers a complete range of modules to cover the corporate performance management needs of groups of any sizes and any sectors. The solution can be hosted at the client site and is also available in PaaS and SaaS modus.

  • Consolidation & Reporting is a 100% web-based financial consolidation and reporting solution for groups. It is ready to use, easy to learn and can be fully customized by users. It enables the collection and consolidation of actuals, budgets and forecasts data. The attention to ensuring information traceability and intuitive navigation makes it a particularly well-suited solution for users with demanding audit standards.
  • Intercompany is a 100% web-based solution for the reconciliation of intra-group operations at transactional level, allowing an ongoing reconciliation process through the entire accounting year. The result: amounts are reconciled prior to the consolidation step and independently of it as part of a regular process. Intercompany fits quickly into existing application environments (ERP, consolidation package) and can be deployed in entities in just a few days (intuitive interface).
  • Planning is a unique budgeting and strategic planning application which provides advanced performance analysis, business intelligence and forecasting functionalities. Integrate your financial and operational data for a transversal approach of your activity and make use of the functionalities for dashboarding, visualization, creation of simulations... The software helps you set up a flexible and accurate process to improve the financial performance of the group. Planning is quick and easy to set up and offers a flexible platform to support the organisation’s future developments.

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