SAP BusinessObjects Implementation & Knowledge Transfer

There are several scenario's where element61 can assist in the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects BI. For example:

  • A full SAP Company: you have SAP ERP for your resource planning, SAP BW for your data warehouse, you now want to implement SAP BusinessObjects
  • A mixed Company: you have some SAP ERP modules, but also some legacy systems for your Enterprise Resource Planning, you have a data warehouse (maybe it's SAP BW, possibly combined with another type of data warehouse), you want to see what SAP BusinessObjects has to offer you
  • Non-SAP Company: you don’t have any SAP system but still want to assess whether SAP BusinessObjects can bring additional value for your company

We can help you setting up various type of solutions. We have a proven track record in amongst others:

  • Setting up an end to end Reporting solution
    End to end starts with gathering business requirements, followed by project scoping and finally implementation. We've used tools like WebIntelligence to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Users are not only able to build themselves, they also get a set of predefined reports in a timely fashion and tailored to their specific needs, through scheduling functionalities.
  • Visualizing key management information through Dashboards
    Dashboards are really useful for several purposes. They provide an interface to support the management decision-making process or just visualize the results of a certain analysis. Technology in this area has been maturing the last several years. Also, for SAP BusinessObjects offering. element61 has used the most recent versions of tools like SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to get this functionality available to end users.
  • Facilitating an Ad Hoc Query & Analysis solution
    Reporting & dashboards are great for their purpose. Besides, you also want to be able to dig into the data. At element61, we've successfully enabled Business Analysts to drill down to transaction level with tools like BusinessObjects Analysis for Office and WebIntelligence.
  • Realizing Management by Exception Reporting
    element61 can also assist in getting alerts and reports when things are exceeding well-defined thresholds.

Before implementing any of the above solutions, we recommend a thorough study of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio and its roadmap. Ideally closely followed by a hands-on validation in the context of your company, Proof of concept style. At element61, we have paid our due diligence in both understanding the roadmap & tools and translating this to the specific needs of our customers. We therefore can assist you make the best choice for your situation.

Once a solution has been rolled out to the targeted end user community, things don't stop. element61 commit in transferring the necessary knowledge in a structured way. This knowledge transfer is not limited to documenting the solution itself for follow up by your support organization, it also consists of making sure users will get the most value out of it (end-user training, eLearning, etc.).

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