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Fluence Technologies is a leading provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solutions for the Office of Finance. Their primary focus is on streamlining financial processes such as financial close and consolidation, disclosure management and financial reporting.
Fluence allows midmarket companies to own a cloud-based, robust and powerful financial close platform without the need for coding or additional developments. Fluence’s approach to Financial Consolidation and Reporting is a simple but user-friendly, agile and scalable solution that caters to a diverse range of financial reporting needs:

Out of the box    

Gain a new, granular understanding of how exchange rates impact every aspect of your business: 

  • Use built-in conversion rules to calculate CTA at the individual account level 
  • Perform all your currency analyses in one solution - no more exporting to Excel
  • Produce more timely, accurate cash flow reports in a fraction of the time it takes today

Accurately and fully account for intercompany transactions across all your business entities: 

  • Ensure your intercompany transactions accurately reflect changes in all your operating currencies 
  • Slash your close time with automated transaction matching and eliminations based on rules and tolerances you define 
  • Take errors and inefficiencies out of the process with built-in calculations and logic

Run all your consolidation calculations and adjusting journal entries in a single, finance-owned solution:

  • Post multi-dimensional adjustments at the summary, legal entity, product, department level and more 
  • Make one-time, recurring, manual, reversing and other adjusting journal entries you need 
  • Maintain audit-ready visibility into adjusting entries with Fluence's audit dimension capabilities

Account for all your minority ownership interests with pre-built, out-of-the-box capabilities: 

  • Accurately and automatically show the impact of ownership and rule changes over time 
  • Report on equity pickups, non-controlling interests and other minority interests - no scripting, ad hoc adjustments or depending on IT
  • Analyze what-if scenarios and pro forma projections based on historical and forward-looking data

See how acquisitions, discontinued ops and disposals impact your cash flow, balance sheet and more: 

  • Integrate acquisition and disposal data into all your continuity roll-forward schedules 
  • Automate and show details behind discontinued calculations in your management, statutory and other reports that need them
  • Include precise and time-sensitive impacts of acquisitions and disposals on all your financial statements
Journal Entry Image
Journal Entry Image
 Manage Ownership Image
 Manage Ownership Image
Intercompany transaction matching
Intercompany transaction matching

No Black Box     
Account for currency conversion and other detailed balance sheet movements to produce accurate, up-to-date cash flow reports.

  • See all the balances, variations, notes and other continuity details behind every number in every balance sheet variation
  • Produce automated, accurate, real-time CTA calculations and calculated cash flow
  • Fully understand the impact of foreign exchange across your financial statements

Account for every change in ownership, regulatory requirements and calculation so your consolidated financials are transparent and fully auditable. 

  • Understand where every number in your financial statement came from
  • See every adjustment, journal entry and other change to every reported number
  • Real-time visibility into every step of your consolidation and process

Meet all your consolidation reporting needs with a trusted, single source of truth across all your entities, regions and more: 

  • Quickly create rollups for every tax, regulatory and management reporting scenario
  • Built-in controls ensure you're always reporting on timely, trusted and consistent numbers
  • Automate time-consuming, error-prone currency conversations, tax calculations and more

Confidently produce consolidated financials that meet all your legal and regulatory requirements, including reporting: 

  • Equity pickups, non-controlling interests and other complex ownership calculations 
  • The impact of foreign exchange rates over time with Fluence's movement dimension 
  • One-click audit trails for the transparency and validations that your management, auditors and regulators need
Intercompany Matching Image
Intercompany Matching Image
Dimension Management
Dimension Maintenance

Finance Owned

Automate every step of the consolidation process, from data aggregation to report distribution, to close early with confidence, every time, through Fluence workflow: 

  • All the templates, reports, and sequences you need to close your books, all in one place 
  • No more manual emails, phone calls and other close headaches 
  • The controls and status visibility you need to close your books with confidence

Put an end to relying on consultants, vendors and your IT department, from initial set-up to new acquisitions and ad hoc reporting: 

  • No more scripting, macros or coding PhDs 
  • Set up all your consolidation rules, logic and permissions with intuitive drop-down menus 
  • Adapt to changing consolidation and reporting needs with newfound agility and independence

Go beyond templates and starter kits with advanced, built-in consolidation logic to close early, with confidence, no matter how complex your business is. 

  • No coding, no scripts and no dependence on IT 
  • Set up consolidation rules, calculations and logic quickly and easily with table, parameter and menu-based configuration 
  • Go live in weeks without complex customization or lengthy implementations
Balance Sheet Continuity Schedule
Balance Sheet Continuity Schedule

Integration with Microsoft Excel

FluenceXL is a specialized Excel add-in developed by Fluence Technologies designed to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Excel in the context of Corporate Performance Management (CPM). It aims to enhance the data analysis and reporting functionalities on the Fluence platform. Since FluenceXL is an add-in to Excel, it minimizes the learning curve for users who are already accustomed to Excel-based processes. For businesses already relying on Excel for their financial operations, FluenceXL is an invaluable tool. It integrates the more sophisticated financial analytics capabilities of a CPM system into the familiar Excel environment, offering a balanced solution for modern financial management needs.

  • Data Connectivity: FluenceXL allows for real-time data connectivity between Excel and various data sources including databases, cloud storage, and of course the Fluence platform itself (OLAP cubes, PostgreSQL, My SQL, MS Azure SQL Server, SAP BW and Hana, …)
  • Advanced Analytics: With this add-in, users can perform complex financial modelling, scenario planning, and forecasting directly within Excel, leveraging Fluence's advanced algorithms and computational capabilities.
  • Automated Reporting: FluenceXL enables automated generation and distribution of standard or custom reports. It can pull data from multiple sources to compile comprehensive reports without manual intervention.
  • Formula Enhancement: The add-in provides enhanced Excel formulas and functions specifically designed for advanced financial calculations and performance analysis.
FluenceXL: integration with Microsoft Excel
FluenceXL: integration with Microsoft Excel

Future Proof

Confidently produce consolidated financials that keep up with the pace of change in your business: 

  • Accurately reflect the impact of changes in ownership, reorganization, regulatory policies and more 
  • Retain all your historical financials with audit-ready transparency 
  • Use historical and forward-looking data for insightful what-if scenarios and pro forma projections to inform smarter business decisions 

Whether you're growing through acquisitions or expansion, you deserve a consolidation solution that meets your needs today and tomorrow, accounting for: 

  • Dozens or hundreds of subsidiaries, investments and other entities 
  • Multiple currencies, tax structures, reporting regulations and accounting standards including GAAP and IFRS 
  • Any other changes in ownership structure, stakeholder groups, internal reporting requirements and more 
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The Fluence platform can cover the following domains in the Office of Finance. Still a question on Fluence? Contact us.

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