Data Visualization

Why is Data Visualization important?

Data visualization and storytelling are powerful tools to communicate complex information in a simple and engaging manner. When complex information is distilled into visuals that captivate and inform, organizations are better able to get insights from key business metrics.


Pieter Sterkens

"Data visualization is the language of decision making.

Good charts effectively convey information.

Great charts enable, inform, and improve decision making.”

~ Pieter Sterkens


Well-crafted visuals and structured reports support decision-making processes and enable users & organizations to become more data-driven. Getting there is challenging. It requires report creators to:

  • Understand business needs
  • Translate them in well-defined report structure
  • Create user-friendly visuals with takeaways that trigger action


What is the element61 approach?

We created a framework of best practices to work towards and effective data visualization & storytelling strategy. The framework is centered around 4 concepts: purpose, structure, action, and value



Leveraging our expertise, we have created best-practices, implementation guidelines and supporting materials for each of these focus areas. Our goal is to support you in your journey to create better BI solutions and give you a platform to accelerate.


Understanding the project purpose

Through stakeholder interviews and mockups, we explore end-user needs before starting development.

e.g., mapping report audience(s) needs, report mockups

Translating the purpose into a structured reporting tool

Leveraging our storytelling expertise and User Experience (UX) best-practices, we aim to create a BI tool that goes beyond standard reporting.

e.g., company templates, navigation & built-in drill through functionality

Building actionable pages supporting the project purpose

Adopting a minimalistic approach, we craft pages that are focused on takeaways that solve business problems.

e.g., best practice page design

Creating visuals that bring clear value

Implementing our own visual vocabulary, we select the right visual to convey an actionable message.

e.g., visual vocabulary



Contact us to learn more about how our approach can help strengthen your organization’s data visualization strategy and increase BI adoption.