IBM Watson Data Platform

The IBM Watson DataWorks project is part of IBM's DataFirst initiative, an IBM project launched in October 2016 aimed to boost collaboration and advancement on the use of data worldwide.

The DataFirst initiative highlights three crucial elements for success: (1) a platform, (2) an ecosystem, and (3) a method. The IBM Watson DataWorks project tackles the first (i.e., the platform).

The IBM Watson Data Platform offers data-driven professionals the tools and approaches to work together in a simpler way to quickly find new and unexpected insights that deliver business-changing ideas. At the core of the project/platform, IBM offers an integrations between previously launched IBM products: IBM Data Science Experience, IBM Watson Analytics, IBM Bluemix and IBM Bluemix Data Connect.
The platform aims to cover end-to-end data science by enabling them to work efficiently on three levels:
  • Connect: Get the data in easily & simplify the way data is loaded and interconnected. For this, IBM leverages IBM Bluemix Data Connect.
  • Discover: Offer both (1) IBM Data Science Experience, a notebook solution for data scientists to discover their data through R, Python or Spark, and (2) IBM Watson Analytics, a cognitive-enabled visual discovery tool targeted to business analysts.
  • Accelerate: Enable fast deployments and an iterative approach by enabling developers with the (IBM Bluemix) tools to instantly leverage e.g., IBM Watson APIs
The platform uniforms all four profiles part of a traditional data science project. Each of the profiles can leverage a set of the platform to target his to-do's.