Business Intelligence - Data Integration

Data integration is the collection of processes and tools, strategies and philosophies by which fragmented data assets are aligned to support business goals. Data integration from a technical point-of-view covers topics such as data federation, virtualization and service-oriented-architecture, but in the context of Performance Management or Business Intelligence, it is usually synonym to ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) or ELT-related activities. Experience teaches us that it is the most time- and effort-consuming activity in the process of setting up a data warehouse. This obviously means that when setting up a data integration process and architecture, it is essential to do this according to all the applicable best practices. This will ensure an environment that is efficient, robust, scalable, auditable, performing and maintainable.

element61 has in-depth data integration experience and certified consultants for each of the industry-leading ETL software suites, such as IBM Infosphere DataStage, Informatica Powercenter, SAP Business Objects Data Integrator, Oracle ETL/Warehouse builder and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. We can leverage our knowledge of Data Integration and ETL processes by offering the following range of services.

  • ETL software selection. Although the functionality offered by the different main vendors is somewhat converging, there are still some important differences. It is therefore worthwhile to balance the specific functionality of the tools with your requirements prior to making the (usually substantial) investment decision. Our vendor-neutral position and past experience with each of the tools, combined with a software selection methodology, can help you in reaching the right decision in an efficient way.
  • Set-up the ETL architecture. This requires much more than installing the software on a server. The set-up needs to ensure that it will be a technical performing ETL architecture, but also make sure that there is sufficient attention for maintainability and reusability, auditing of ETL processes, data quality checking and improving, optimal usage of specific tool features such as in-memory processing.
  • ETL performance audit. A lot of factors have an impact on the performance of an ETL system on its own and a Performance management user experience as a whole. It requires a profound knowledge of the ETL solution itself, combined with a heterogeneous set of other skills in order to investigate and audit all parameters that determine ETL performance. element61 can offer this unique skill mix, as well as a pre-defined and proven methodology to perform these audits in a time- and cost-efficient way. The result of such an audit is a range of recommendations on the ETL architecture and a plan with the next steps to implement these recommendations.
  • ETL coaching. Our senior consultants can go further where traditional classroom training does not go. Nothing yields knowledge transfer as fast and efficiently as doing hands-on co-development with an experienced ETL consultant.
  • ETL development. Obviously, our senior and certified ETL consultants and architects know the main ETL software suites inside-out. Consequently, they are very efficient ETL developers, producing fast results that can stand the test of time. element61 can take complete responsibility of a data warehouse & ETL project and deliver a fully custom-built and documented ETL environment.

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