CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability

Benefit from CCH Tagetik to cover your ESG process end-to-end

CCH Tagetik is a Corporate Performance Management solution connecting financial and operational data to offer an integrated view of the organisation’s performance. Next to typical reporting areas such as budgeting, planning and forecasting or financial consolidation even production cost planning and supply chain planning are part of CCH Tagetik’s unified reporting platform. CCH Tagetik also puts forward several out of the box applications for specific regulatory reporting requirements built on the same unified reporting platform. Next to the already existing applications for IFRS16, IFRS9, Account reconciliation, etc., CCH Tagetik has introduced a specific ESG application.

This application will allow your organisation to install a powerful reporting solution to deliver your required ESG disclosure reporting, in compliance with the EU taxonomy or the Global Reporting Initiative reporting (GRI) framework. Although the regulatory bodies are still in process of defining the near- and long-term requirements, CCH Tagetik already commits to be fully compliant with these emerging regulations and their ESG application will be updated accordingly.

The ESG solution of CCH Tagetik spans different ESG perspectives:

Disclosure reporting

Assure your ESG reporting is in line with the EU taxonomy. The application facilitates the complete reporting process for ESG data, collecting data automatically or using pre-built input templates and comprises embedded calculation rules for EU Taxonomy compliance, data analysis and disclosure reporting.

ESG KPI reporting and benchmarking

For companies adopting the GRI standards, the application provides a full solution for collecting data, calculating KPI’s and reporting in line with the standards (both core and extensive approaches) and even supports configuring company-specific KPI’s for internal monitoring.

ESG planning

Companies embracing ESG at a strategic level will want to oversee the projected impact of ESG initiatives and may include ESG into their strategic or annual planning. The application also supports this approach allowing to connect ESG with financial impacts and planning.

The CCH Tagetik ESG application covers the following steps in the reporting cycle.

Data collection and governance

The application facilitates data collection from different sources while allowing data review to assure data quality and consistency.

Reporting process guidance and monitoring

The application is equipped with a transparent workflow supporting the end-users and allows progress monitoring of the reporting process whilst permitting auditability of data, calculations and actions.

Disclosure and reporting

The application includes input templates, reports and calculations in compliance with EU taxonomy and GRI reporting framework. The application can connect both financial and non-financial data for all relevant data categories (actuals, budgets, long term plans, etc.).