SAP BW Performance Tuning

Fast and reliable access to your information is one of the key success factors for any Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing application. Unfortunately performance tuning is one of those aspects that is often overlooked during implementations.

With a performance review or performance tuning project you may be able to avoid unnecessary investments in additional hardware through state of the art BW system design, server and database tuning. We see that most vendors and customers solve their performance issues by extending their hardware capabilities.
element61 believes that an integrated architecture and a well performing data model are at least as important to create the expected performance and to decrease the cost.
We have a very experienced team on this topic and we are specialized in:
  • State of the art SAP BW applications architecture. Our methodology has incorporated generally accepted best practices from data warehousing and Business Intelligence into a framework that is SAP BW specific.
  • The dimensional model of InfoCubes is the most underestimated key factor that influences the performance of reporting and data loading. element61 has developed the
    Dimensional Modeling Optimizer, a SAP BSP application for BW that significantly reduces the development time of the optimal dimensional model of InfoCubes and that turns the art of data modeling into a science.
  • Performance tuning of SAP BW systems is one of our specialties. It requires a specific mix of competences in areas like database tuning, SAP BW system configuration and application architecture.

Increased end-user satisfaction, a better acceptance of your BW application, lower hardware and maintenance costs are just a few benefits worth mentioning. A well performing Business Warehouse application will enable executives and managers to make sound business decisions on time.

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