IBM InfoSphere FastTrack

IBM InfoSphere FastTrack offers a new way to deal with data integration processes requirements and development by providing a collaborative environment to capture and define business requirements and to convert them directly into IBM InfoSphere Datastage ETL jobs.

By using metadata and profiling results produced in IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer and IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary, data analyst can define source to target data mapping in a secured and user friendly environment without having to know how to use an ETL tool. This can be done in IBM InfoSphere FastTrack or in an excel file which is then imported.

Once the data mapping are defined IBM InfoSphere FastTrack is used to automatically generate IBM InfoSphere Datastage jobs which are then reviewed and enriched by the ETL developers. IBM InfoSphere FastTrack can automatically generate a set of standard transformations, for the others ones the mapping information are transferred into the job to the ETL developer who will develop the necessary transformations using more advanced stages and technics.

Usage of IBM InfoSphere FastTrack will speed up and secure the development process by automating the requirements definition in a controlled and secured environment where changes made can be tracked and listed and by automating basic transformations and jobs generation which will reduce development time. It will also help to setup and deploy development standards and best practices in order to maintain a controlled and consistent technical environment.

Using IBM InfoSphere FastTrack data analyst and ETL developer will be able to focus on areas of the development process where they have the highest added value while basic activities will be handled by the tool itself.

element61, with a complete understanding of the IBM InfoSphere Datastage and of IBM InfoSphere FastTrack in combination with strong ETL development best practices, can assist you in implementing a strong and efficient development framework for your data integration processes in order to get the highest success factor for those projects and the best return on investment with the technical and human resources available.

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