SAP BusinessObjects Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is key in any implementation. You have to be able to see the complex patterns that make up a performance problem. These patterns mostly start with an end-user call that describes a report or query behaviour in terms of "it used to be fast but now it is slow”. What happens next requires extensive expertise in several areas of Business Intelligence and beyond.

On top of this, element61 tries to use a methodological approach to analyse and address performance issues. Some aspects of this approach are technology agnostic (not specific to SAP BusinessObjects), others require good knowledge of complex configuration and parameterization options specific to SAP BusinessObjects. Both aspects place element61 in a good position to help you get a grip on your performance issues.

Finally, at element61, we most of the time don't stop after solving the performance issue. We usually work on a structural auditing solution in order to pro-actively highlight and prevent such issues. A SAP BusinessObjects toolset also gives us a variety of options to support it. E.g. analysis of system logs, metadata repositories, number of report versions, scheduled and on-demand report runs.

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