SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Analysis is the successor of the successful and proven BEx Analyser. It has been introduced early 2011 and has been made available at first as an add-in for MS Office. Reports created throughout the BEx Analyser can be re-used within the MS Office add-in. The main improvement is the user-friendly user-interface of the tool, meaning that you can empower your end-user to create analysis themselves.

The SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office integrates fully within the Microsoft Office ribbon and gives you control over your analysis via intuitive icons. The SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office will integrate into the complete stack of MS Office products, including Word and PowerPoint. If you need to do a weekly presentation on figures coming from SAP BW, its easy to update them, since your data refresh button is integrated in your preferred tool. The SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office can connect as a standalone solution directly to your SAP Netweaver BW solution, or work via the SAP BusinessObjects platform, to keep track of your analysis.

With the launch of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0, SAP has launched a second version of the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Analysis tool that integrates fully within the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 platform. It enables users to make OLAP analysis on their SAP Netweaver BW environment directly within the SAP BusinessObjects tool set.This new SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Analysis for OLAP tool makes use of the charting engine that is made available within the new BusinessObjects web-environment. With the SAP BusinessObjects Analysis tool for OLAP, called the online version, it will not only be possible to create analysis on SAP BW cubes, but also on Microsoft Analysis Cubes.

element61 has senior expertise in BEx Analyser and his successor and can therefore help you in setting up your reporting environment based on SAP BusinessObjects Analysis.

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