Datawarehouse and data integration initiatives are by essence evolving over time. The requirements are changing, the amount of data stored and/or processed is growing, the numbers of users, of applications or components running on it are increasing; all those changes require a frequent assessment of the platform used to check and validate that it can still fulfill the initial needs and serve the new ones.

This kind of audit should be used as a way to prevent problems to occur and therefore should be done on a preventive and recurring basis but it can also be used to identify the root cause of a problem when a platform is not behaving as it should be.

The main purpose of the audit will be to assess if the IBM Information Server platform is configured and used according to the proven and commonly used best practices in order to deliver the best information possible in the best possible conditions. Therefore the audit will cover aspects such as:

  • Hardware architecture
  • Software architecture, installation and configuration
  • Usage of the different IBM Information Server components
  • Procedures to maintain the platform and to transfer the projects between the different environments
  • Integration of the different components with each other
  • Modeling techniques

element61 has an extensive experience on how to successfully set-up and configure an IBM Information Server environment depending on its size and context. Therefore our consultants can assist you in auditing your IBM Information Server platform in order to check it against proven practices and best practices. The result of this audit will be a list of recommended actions with an estimate of the costs and expected benefits attached to them to improve the platform and its usage in order to secure the investment made in it. Our consultants can also implement those remedies.

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