Data Science & Analysis

Power of data!

element61 is convinced that data can deliver much more than it does today. Most organizations leverage data today only for Business Intelligence reporting and only few organizations use their Data to infuse their day-to-day decision making.

Data can deliver much more value and organizations should aim to be data-driven in manufacturing, supply chain, sales, finance & marketing

Data Science & Strategy

"element61 wants to help organizations in innovating through and with data. element61's team acts as a Center of Expertise that has both the strategic capacity and hands-on skills to help organizations to inspire, build and implement data-driven methods of running their business"

Bart Van Der Vurst,
Partner Analytics



element61 helps organizations end-to-end in becoming Data-driven.

Data-driven Innovation means inspiring and injecting innovation in your organization through the power of data. Using new tools, skills and a new way of working element61 can help organizations in grasping the potential of their data.

We can help with the following:

Data Science & Strategy

Identifying your Data Use-cases [Data Strategy]
Through workshops and benchmarking we help identify data use-cases in the areas of big data, AI and reporting


Data Science & Strategy


Architecture of your Data Platform
Based on your needs and existing technology we architect your Data Platform being it on-premise, hybrid or in the Cloud.
As certified partner in SAP, IBM and Microsoft technology we can co-design a working future-proof setup for Big Data and AI


Data Science & Strategy

Building your (Big) Data Platform [Data Engineering]
Our certified data engineers can co-develop your Big Data Platform in SAP, IBM or Microsoft technology using best-practices principles including DevOps and CI/CD.

Additionally we have experts in data-driven Marketing tools such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs)


Data Science & Strategy

Building your AI model [Data Science]
Our Data Scientist can co-develop your data use-case into a working AI model including needed data cleaning, preparation and model evaluations.
We are certified in Spark, Python and R, and have certified developers for Dataiku DSS

Data Science & Strategy

Coaching change
Our Data Strategists help your teams in absorbing data in their work, routines and processes. We coach, train and counsel on how to transform into a data-driven organization


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