SAP BW Audit & Best Practices

Even the best designed reporting architecture can bog down under the strain of growth and increased usage. element61 can act as an independent auditor to double check the consistency and performance of your SAP BW system and to ensure that all your reports (including financial statements) are accurate, correct and available within seconds.

Our SAP BW experts can audit your system and verify if it is ready to support your strategic information requirements in the future and make sure your BW system will continue to run efficiently once historical data starts to mount up.

Our audits can embody a check of the data warehouse related processes as well as a quality check of your SAP BW technical architecture and infrastructure. The audit will provide an independent and objective judgment of the quality and performance of your data warehouse, advice on how to mitigate concerns and risks, and practical recommendations how to tackle issues.

During our audits we will use a set of architecture guidelines and best practices that we have developed by incorporating generally accepted best practices from data warehousing and Business Intelligence into a framework that is SAP BW specific. We will benchmark your system against these best practices, uncover performance bottlenecks and provide sound and practical advice on maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your SAP BW data warehouse.

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