Data Scientist Learning Path

Data Scientist Learning Path

We have combined different trainings into a learning path into what we think are essential skills for any Data Scientist.

Any of the training can be followed separately but preceding training will give you the essential skills that are required as prerequisites for any following training. 

Click on any of the blocks to go to the detailed training page with all relevant information.

Data Science For Business Analysts
Data Engineering with Databricks Day 1
Machine Learning On Azure
Generative AI


This learning path starts twice per year (typically in March/May & October) with typically:

  • For aspirants: Data Science Training for BI Analysts (2 days)
  • Data Engineering with Databricks (only day 1) + Machine Learning on Azure (2 days)
  • Generative AI (1 day)


  • € 2.400 per participant for 4 full days of training
  • (+ € 1.100 for Aspirants to also include Data Science Training for Business Analysts - and thus extra 2 days of training)

Are you interested to know more?

For more information, please reach out and we can give you more details and practicals.

This training path can also be hosted in-company. For more information, reach out to our academy address. 

The full element61 Training schedule (incl. when which training runs) can be found here.