Your Big Data Architecture


element61 can architect your Big Data Platform

Digitization, IoT and a boost in connectivity cause organizations to tackle new challenges: the increase in data generation or the challenge to collect and use intelligently Big Data. We from element61 can work with you to set up your Big Data Architecture including a real-time setup, a Data Lake, your first predictive pipeline, etc.


Your Big Data Architecture


Why a Big Data Platform?

The world is changing driven by digitization and connectivity (IoT and soon 5G). These changes are new opportunities but also create IT challenges

  1. How to set up real-time reporting?
  2. How to store and handle trully unstructured data?
  3. How to run Machine Learning AI in production?

element61 strongly believes that companies should evolve from a traditonal BI architecture towards a Modern Data Platform with capabilities in AI, real-time and Big Data.


Your Big Data Architecture
Figure: Functional Architecture of a Modern data Platform


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Technology stack we know

element61 is vendor-neutral and has expertise in all major technology stacks including Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and AWS. We continuously help our customers compare Clouds and outline the pro's and con's of each vendor. It is our belief that the best platform for you is the one that fits with your needs and use-cases.

Your Big Data Architecture     Your Big Data Architecture      Your Big Data ArchitectureYour Big Data Architecture  Your Big Data Architecture

Read more on how we approach vendor selection for your (Big) data Platform.


What's Big Data?

The term of Big Data stands for the challenge (opportunity?) to collect, organize and analyze new types of data: i.e.,

  • a bigger dataset (volume)
  • a more varied dataset such as pictures or speech (variety)
  • often combined with a faster data requirement (velocity) and
  • a higher importance of accuracy (veracity).

These terms (the 4 Vs) jointly coin the term Big Data.

How can element61 help?

Through our experience we can help architect your Big Data Platform including the choice of vendor and/or technology components. We help define pro's and con's of all technology, embed best-practices and create consistency with your BI stack. element61 focuses on PaaS and SaaS solutions from all leading vendors.

Contact us if we can help with your Big Data Architecture.