In 2013, SAP Visual Intelligence was renamed to SAP Lumira and put as an integrated offer in the cloud. SAP Lumira is offered as a monthly subscription service and can be seen as SAP's main answer towards BI self-service.

At the launch of SAP Visual Intelligence in 2012, SAP's original vision was to bring Business Intelligence back to the desktop of the end-user. It enabled end-users to deliver reports in a quick and interactive way. As a plus, SAP Visual Intelligence allowed to discover relations between data through so-called "associative reporting". According to SAP, SAP Visual Intelligence was SAPs answer to and a serious challenger for QlikTech's Qlikview.

Today, SAP Lumira remains a self-service tool used directly by LOB (Line of Business); yet available through the cloud. In its last release, SAP Lumira 1.31 brought a lot of capabilities allowing to visualize and analyze data from many different sources including SAP HANA, SAP BW, MS Excel, Universes, SQL Server, Hadoop, etc.
The business-users can use SAP Lumira as soon as the IT department has prepared a robust data model and has exposed it to a Presentation Layer tool via queries or views. Then, business users can use it as 'self-service': they can build powerful visualizations with numbers and charts, run filtering and ranking, apply hierarchies, exceptions, geographical functionality (map visualizations), storyboards, etc.

As an early adopter, element61 has invested a substantial amount of training in this new solution and has had the opportunity to learn a lot about it in an early stage. element61 can therefore be your trusted partner and give you advice on the functionality of the new solution and whether and when -in terms of use cases- to make most out of it.

element61 can assist you in deciding objectively where, when and how this tool can be used and integrated into your current Performance Management and Business Intelligence landscape.
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