SAP HANA SQL Datawarehousing

Data Warehouse Systems today struggle with two major issues: Business requires more connected, direct accessible data and IT requires more cloud and architecture flexibility.

The SAP HANA SQL Data Warehouse solution is positioned to solve both of those challenges by accessing artifacts from remote systems/containers and/or loading and processing of clean data into data warehouse systems to drive and support decisions while offering cloud freedom for data systems, applications, and system development.

The SAP HANA in-memory platform could already be used as a datawarehouse platform from its early release. This by combining the HANA SQL with products like Data Services, Information Steward, and PowerDesigner. In recent years, several innovations occurred in this areas, like SAP HANA extended application services advanced (xsa) and SAP HANA 2.0 , which are bringing changes to move to modern and agile datawarehouse development.

With these new innovations, you are able to use all required tools inside the HANA platform. Accessing and importing source data is done with the Smart Data Integration (SDI), Smart Data Streaming (SDS), and Smart Data Access (SDA). They support different ways of data integration. The Enterprise Architect Designer is a browser-based tool for designing and sharing the organisation’s requirements, processes , data,… in which also a datawarehouse can be modeled. Web Integrated Development Environment ( WebIDE ) with the Datawarehouse Foundation (DWF) add-on where developers can create data definitions, data transformations, scheduling tasks and preview data.

On the SAP Cloud Platform CloudFoundry, the WebIDE is also available alongside with the DWF objects.  A datawarehouse which is build on premise, can be leveraged when you want to move to public Cloud.

Element61 can assist you in architecting a modern and agile datawarehouse, in the SAP HANA in-memory platform.  SAP HANA SQL datawarehousing is using native SQL for building your datawarehouse.  The latest appserver technology in SAP HANA, extended application services advance version (XSA), can provide an Web UI-based interface called the datawarehouse foundation, to design and build this datawarehouse. The native SQL approach can complement with BW/4HANA and can be combined using mixed architectures. Please contact us for outlining a mixed architecture.