Maturity assessment

What's the maturity of the market?

Big Data technology is now truly mature. Additionally, the use of Big Data and Data Science is becoming truly visible all around us: in the news as we read about smart Messenger service bots, rise of IoT and connected-devices, Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing but also closer to us as we shop online and see personal product recommendations, receive customized newsletters and listen to recommended playlists.


Maturity assessment

"AI and Big Data does not need to be as complex as it sounds and does not only suit big organizations. It's important to have the right Data Platform fit to your needs"

- Bart Van Der Vurst, Competence Lead Data Science & Strategy

What's the maturity of your organization?

To understand your future trajectory, we can help define the as-is maturity of your team. Based on our benchmarks and experiences at various organizations we can help lay out your strengths and weaknesses on a series of dimensions including

  • Organizational Maturity
    - team set-up, skill matrix, agile-working, cross-team collaboration
  • Business Maturity
    - execution, absorption of technology, level of digitalisation, data-driven aptitude
  • Technical Maturity
    - AI knowledge, cloud awareness, skills, devops
  • Data Maturity
    - data access, data quality, data documentation

How to improve our maturity?

Our roadmaps are aimed to grow your maturity across all levels incl. organizational and business maturity. Based on your as-is maturity index we'll coach and mentor your teams with 121 coaching, training sessions, co-development initiatives and executive workshops.

Contact us on how to get started in mapping out your data maturity level.