Joeri Willems

Joeri Willems - element61
Business Analytics experience
18 years
Principal Business Analytics Architect

Joeri Willems has been active in Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing since 2003. Joeri graduated in 2001 as an Industrial Engineer in ICT & Electronics at Groep T, nowadays part of the KU Leuven University group, and complemented this with a specialization in Business Economics (2002).

Joeri started his career as a business analyst at Estee Lauder, where he was given the opportunity to start working in the Global Business Intelligence division, working with IBM Cognos. He developed new auditing techniques and set up new financial reports for the business.

In 2005, he moved to DHL Express, where -as Business Analyst- he assisted in rolling out a new and improved Business Intelligence system, once more, based on IBM Cognos technology.

Joeri focused initially on the technical side and gained deep knowledge in the areas of report design, framework design, system administration and database modelling. He grew technical expertise in all products of the IBM Cognos Analytics suite. Besides these, he also added experience with artwork design (Photoshop), database design (Oracle) and SQL query building. He also developed a few Javascript add-ons to improve report functionality in IBM Cognos.

In 2010, he evolved to the role of Business Intelligence Product Manager of all DHL Aviation BI front-end applications. In this new role, he was responsible for the full BI system on the front-end side, and for the full change management and implementation of new product releases and reporting projects.

Joeri enjoys being the link between business users and IT, and loves to create useful and good-looking reports and dashboards, that effectively really do grow the Intelligence within a Business.

Joeri joined element61 in 2018.  His first assignments were focussing on IBM Cognos Analytics (server installation, configuration and upgrades from Cognos10).  Over the last 4 years Joeri has migrated over 10 customers from their existing Cognos BI (10) environment towards a new Cognos Analytics (11) platform.  As a principle consultant Joeri managed not only the technical installation and upgrades, but also introduces new features and coaches our customers in their journey.  Next to his existing deep IBM product knowledge, Joeri added also Microsoft to his competences with a first focus on PowerBI and SSIS ETL and PowerApps development.