Power BI Pro & Premium

Power BI Pro & PremiumPower BI Pro allows you to access all content and capabilities in the Power BI service. This includes the ability to share & collaborate content with other Power BI Pro users. With the Power BI Pro license you can publish & consume content from workspaces, share dashboards and subscribe to dashboards and reports.

The Power BI Premium service gives organizations greater flexibility to allow users to access, collaborate upon, and distribute content. Let’s take a look at the features of this new offering and the instances in which it could be an appropriate upgrade for your business.

If your firm is considering Power BI Premium, there is a good chance that there are some users in your organization already making use of Power BI Pro. The biggest difference between the two offerings is that Power BI Pro utilizes user-based licensing, while Power BI Premium uses capacity-based licensing.

Let’s review some of the features available in Power BI Pro:

  • Connecting to and preparing data, creating reports, and publishing to the Power BI service
  • Collaboration via app workspaces and distribution of reports
  • Usage metrics and governance of how data is accessed and consumed
  • Analyze in Excel
  • Row-Level Security

Power BI Premium features allow businesses to:

  • Share reports across an enterprise without requiring recipients to be individually licensed
  • Scale performance: dedicated hardware and capacity, maintained by Microsoft, for your organization to allocate, scale, and control according to your business needs
  • Less restriction on workspace sizes (Currently up to 100 TB for your workspace, depending on Premium capacity purchased)
  • Less restriction on refresh rates
  • Ability to maintain Power BI reports on-premises with Power BI Report Server
  • Support for Power BI embedded solutions with APIs for custom development

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