SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting is the latest Financial Close and Consolidation software from SAP. The solution supports an organization’s finance department by collecting, processing and then presenting consolidated financial statements that are in compliance with a given set of GAAP requirements such as US GAAP or IFRS. In addition to supporting reporting requirements to external stakeholders, internal reporting requirements are also met using this type of software.

Group Reporting comes in two flavours: cloud and on-premise. Both versions offer the same functionality.

Two versions exist due to the deployment option that was chosen for S/4HANA.
What makes SAP S/4 HANA Group Reporting so unique, is the fact that unlike in a legacy landscape as shown in below image, there is no need anymore for building extra integration layers and a data warehouse to harmonise transaction and master data. In addition to that, the real time aspect of consolidating data that are coming from your accounting system is a huge advantage as well. Local close and group close are much more unified and timing bottlenecks are eliminated.

SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

Integration of S/4Hana Accounting data in Group Reporting is a key element, but also companies not on your S/4 platform can easily integrate with the Group Reporting application. SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) is the set of apps in S/4HANA Finance for group reporting that are designed for:

  • The decentralized manual collection of heterogeneous and supplemental data along corporate structures
  • The transformation and load of data in ACDOCU either from an external ERP system or from the ACDOCA table.

GRDC includes two main feature sets:

  • Manual data collection
  • Data mapping (i.e. ETL)

The native cloud app is designed to provide agile and flexible data collection capability in SAP S/4HANA for group reporting. You can use SAP Group Reporting Data Collection to automatically load data from external systems - with data mapping - and create forms to collect financial or non-financial data manually in SAP S/4HANA for group reporting - with forms.

SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

As an example, the manual data collection capability allows to enter:

  • specific movement types
  • additional information required for consolidation or management reporting
  • Partner information for the elimination of profit on inventory
  • Non-financial information needed for notes disclosure such as employee or sustainability information

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