Qlik Sense Administrator

Course description and Duration

This training covers the Qlik Management Console (QMC). The QMC is used to organise apps in streams, set up scheduled tasks, configure user access and much more. After this training you will know the different sections of the QMC, how they are connected to the front-end and how the security rules work.

In this 1.5 day instructor led course we’ll start by covering the different sections of the QMC and gradually go deeper into the possibilities that Qlik Sense offers.  Simultaneously you’ll learn how you can monitor, audit and debug your environment.  The second half of the training covers the security rules, we’ll start with explaining the default rules and show how you can alter these or create your very own rules.

After going through the ‘theoretical’ concepts, we’ll roll up our sleeves and explore things in an interactive manner.  We’ll create a profile for a junior developer with limited development rights and make sure the people from purchase can only see purchase data.

Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to the QMC
    • Apps & App Objects
    • Streams
    • Tasks
    • Data Connections
    • Users & Licenses
    • Extensions, Tags & Content Libraries
  • QMC Advanced
    • Monitoring Apps
    • Audit Tool
    • Custom Properties
    • User Authentication
  • Security rules – default rules
    • Understanding the rules
    • Auditing the security rules
  • Security rules – advanced
    • Customizing existing rules & creating your own rules


The training is organised as knowledge transfer (facilitated with slides/demo) with hands-on exercises.

Each trainee will be provided with his very own Qlik Sense Enterprise environment, ideally to try things out (and probably break somethings as well).


1.100 € per participant for the 1,5 days

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