SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) 11, exclusively available for BW/4HANA, was released in June 2017. The solution is not a successor of previous versions of BPC for the SAP NetWeaver or Microsoft platform.

BPC 11 supports both Standard and Embedded Models. Most functionalities are derived from BPC 10.1 for NetWeaver, complemented with additional enhancements. Please refer to the section “SAP BPC Embedded” for specific information on that version. Since it is running on BW/4HANA, the solution also takes advantage of the benefits related to the BW/4HANA Platform.


SAP BPC Version 11

SAP BPC Embedded vs. Standard Model
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BPC 11 is brought to the market exclusively for BW/4HANA, leveraging the SAP HANA Database.
SAP BPC 11 does not run on BW7.x releases (only on BW4/HANA). Also, BW-IP is no longer supported.


SAP BPC Version 11

SAP BPC 11 Architecture
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In line with BW/4HANA, BPC 11 has been developed around four dimensions:

  • Simplicity
    • Focus on simplifying the back- and front-end. e.g. input-enabled InfoCubes are replaced by advanced DSO’s
    • Simplified ad-hoc reporting with query enhancements for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office
    • Data integration with BW/4HANA has been reviewed to reduce time and effort to load data towards BPC
    • Comments can now be submitted on any type of cells – data cells, hierarchy nodes, sub totals and restricted key figures
  • Openness
    • Deeper integration with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
    • Real-time data synchronisation back and forth between the two platforms
    • Access to additional features. e.g. Predictive Analytics, advanced BI Analysis, Digital Boardroom for real-time view on company metrics
  • Modern Interface
    • UX based on SAP Fiori/HTML5 for harmonized look & feel
    • Home page now includes tiles for charts and graphical representations
    • Quick access to objects, pages and personal activities sorted by due dates
    • Personalized home page
  • High Performance
    • Additional performance enhancements
    • Query Formula Operations pushed down to SAP HANA. E.g. disaggregation functions
    • FOX formulas no longer on the Application Layer but also pushed down to the database

  • SAP Analysis for Office becomes the recommended Excel Add-in for BPC 11.0
    • the EPM Plug-in is used for BPC Standard Models
    • the Analysis for Office Plug-in is dedicated to BPC Embedded Models

Please note that the EPM Add-in of BPC 10.1 is no longer supported with BPC 11.0 on BW/4HANA.

All existing BPC customers can start the migration.

Depending on their current version, four major paths are available and are assisted by tools for limited disruption:


SAP BPC Version 11

Possible Migration Paths to SAP BPC 11
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Contact us for more information on SAP BPC 11 or helping you in designing and executing the migration plan.