Yoshi Coppens

till now

Senior Analytics Architect

Yoshi graduated in 2014 with a Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Ghent University. After this, he decided to pursue a Master in Financial Management at the Vlerick Business School which he completed with great distinction in 2015.

Yoshi started his professional career at Optiver as a Trader in Amsterdam. The job consisted mostly of analyzing data, spotting patterns, deciding on the best moment to enter a trade, making sure our strategies and algorithms performed well and making quick impactful decisions when the market changes.

After 2 years he got promoted to lead a small team consisting of two other junior traders, getting responsibility for the long-term evolution of the desks and setting up some floor-wide projects to improve other desks. This went well as the yearly P&L of his desk increased by 60%. After 3,5 years in the Netherlands (and three months of travelling in Asia) Yoshi felt it was time to come back to Belgium and start his life here.

Yoshi joined element61 early 2020 and has worked on a variety of customers, focusing mostly on data engineering and DevOps engineering. He's a certified Azure Data Engineer, certified Azure Administrator, certified Airflow Developer, and is a Databricks Champion since September 2022, something given only after passing 3 exams and passing a panel review by Databricks itself. He is also leading the DevOps Knowledge Area within element61 while also spending a lot of his efforts on improving the Infrastructure-as-code endeavours at element61, specializing especially in Terraform. Yoshi is a trainer as well in our element61 Academy, giving courses like Azure Fundamentals and Azure DevOps.