Justine Decuypere

till now

Analytics Architect

With a Bachelor's degree in Science in Business Administration, obtained at the University of Ghent, Justine has an broad range of economic knowledge. These insights contributed to the problem-solving skills that formed the basis for her further studies.

After studying Science in Business Administration for three years, Justine felt the desire to explore a new field of study, Data Analytics. These ambitions lead her to follow a preparatory year to obtain a Business Engineering degree which enabled her to graduate with a Master's degree in Data Analytics. This two-year master trajectory, of which the first year was followed in Chengdu, China, constitute a substantial added value to her previous economic competences.

Her combined ICT and economic knowledge allow Justine to understand and analyse business processes and the associated data. Many case studies have provided her with the ability to use Analytical skills including Python, R, SQL and Java.

Justine started at element61 in February 2021 in our Microsoft Competence Center.  Her prime focus areas is MS Power BI, Azure & TimeXtender. 
Already in her first weeks she was able to get some hands-on and certified in both MS Power BI (DA-100) and Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900). She also certified as an Azure Data Engineer (DP-203) after some months and became a certified TimeXtender Solutions Architect in June 2022.  Justine is combining strong skills both as Data Engineer (TimeXtender/Azure) as front-end Power BI expert.