Operational inefficiencies and errors can have a major impact on the ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment. Organisations must constantly reinvent themselves to remain relevant in their sector. Besides these challenges, huge potential lies in efficiently designing new procedures and processes to cope with these changes. Thanks to the process of digitalization on every level within an organization, more data than ever is available about how processes work in reality. Converting this data into new insights can provide a wealth of information and lead to a more efficient operation of the organisation and reduce costs. 

By using a Process Mining tool like PAFnow, it is possible to see patterns, identify inefficiencies and their causes. Through Process Mining you can learn faster and make better (data-driven) decisions for more efficient processes. Process Mining will be of added value for everyone who is concerned with Process Management and process optimisation. 


Processes today are manually tested though interviews, research and analysis and often compared to an ideal theoretical model. This way of working will always be limited when talking about achieving complete transparency and knowing how processes actually work. Therefore, adjustments based on these findings do not always have the desired effect. Process Mining tools are made to deal with the complexity inherent to business processes. With PAFnow, the process data is used as a starting point, which is visualized in an intuitive and efficient way. By starting from the data itself, you allow to get an objective view on how each business process actually runs and directs our focus to areas that need to be adjusted.

Besides having ability to analyse processes with objective data, PAFnow is bringing much more to the table with following functionalities:

  • Out-of-the-Box products and visuals. Dashboards and custom PAFnow visuals help you to quickly get started with a Process Mining tool.
  • Complete integration intro Microsoft Office 365. PAFnow is fully integrated in Power BI and therefore enjoys numerous advantages in terms of integration, connectors and sharing possibilities. Automating notifications through Power Automate and sharing reports through Teams, the possibilities are endless.
  • The open data model enables you to customize and finetune PAFnow to your own needs. Within Power BI, you can integrate new data sources and custom built applications within your systems. The scalability and flexibility ensures that a maximum Return on Investment can be achieved.
  • Besides +300 standard connectors within Power BI, in-depth integration is possible with the SAP connector.
  • Flexible set-up (on-premise or cloud) makes that PAFnow can start in any environment.

Behind PAFnow is the German tech company PAF, which is one of the fastest growing Process Mining software vendors in the market. Since its foundation in 2008, the company has seen fantastic growth on all levels and even launched a new office in the US. PAF also works closely together with the German government on research and development of innovative technologies in the fields of Process Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Process Automation. PAF is recognised by Gartner as one of the leading organisations active in the world of Process Mining.

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