Risk Analytics and GRC

element61, part of Moore Belgium, also provides Risk Analytics and Governance, Risk & Compliance-solutions, together with the BU Risk Analytics. Our solutions have been developed to help organizations, both from the public and private sector, understand and manage their risks proactively and more intelligently.

Some organizations continue to believe that there only two ways to deal with their systems, processes, business partners and employees: blind trust with the sole focus on business or too much risk focus based on a fundamental distrust with a dramatic increase in costs as a result.

Our promise is to find a middle way that avoids overshooting while being in compliance with best practices and regulations and by making use of advanced technologies that allow an efficient and effective follow up.

We use our Moore Belgium risk insights platform to analyze accounting entries, payment transactions, business process events and business partners. The end deliverable is a set of interactive dashboards that allows you to quickly get actionable risk insights. We can assist you from onsite one off reporting to recurring or continuous monitoring in the cloud.

The use of our risk insights platform provides also an ideal step up towards the implementation of onsite Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions such as SAP GRC and IBM Openpages. The key advantages of the latter systems is the ability to implement real time monitoring, enable the move from only descriptive to also including the power of predictive analytics and facilitate solutions to deal with hard copy information & unstructured big data.

GRC suites consist of different modules that can cover the needs of all risk management related functions. There are GRC modules that can help you to avoid unauthorized system accesses, segregation of duties issues, business process inefficiencies, master data issues, non compliance with national and international laws & regulations, unusual or fraudulent payment destinations, involvement with business partners that lack business integrity or are subject to sanctions,

A successful implementation of such systems requires both experienced technical experts and experienced risk content experts. We can provide both. Finally, our Moore Belgium network also guarantees that our teams and your projects can be deployed on an international basis.

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