Tijs Bauwens

till now

Principal Performance Management Architect

Since 2013, Tijs Bauwens is focusing on the process of Financial Reporting and Consolidation. 

Tijs graduated as Master of Science in Applied Economics at the European University College Brussels (HUB – EHSAL) in 2011. With his master’s degree in taxation, he joined BDO Belgium as an assistant tax advisor. In August 2012, Tijs decided to start an interim project as an assistant finance analyst at the financial department of Gates Europe’s headquarters in Aalst.

Early 2013, Tijs started working for CFObelux, a consulting firm that offered financial reporting and consolidation services. At the end of 2014, CFOBelux was merged into Moore Belgium and continued their service offering as the CFO Services department within this organization. At CFOBelux and Moore Belgium, Tijs further developed his finance skills and also learned how to use different financial reporting systems. He gained a profound knowledge of Lucanet, a reporting tool covering monthly reporting, planning, budgeting and consolidation processes. Tijs contributed to the improvement of Lucanet as a consolidation tool. He also build up consolidation experience through different consolidation assistance projects. 

In 2016, Tijs started working for element61 - Moore Belgium Business Analytics. In a functional consultancy role, Tijs has been involved in several SAP BPC implementations and is also still assisting customers with their consolidation process in different solutions such as Lucanet, SigmaConso, SAP BPC / BFC and performing consolidations outsourced to element61.

In his spare time, Tijs enjoys sports. He is a competitive cyclist and a basketball player.