Carlos Garrido

till now

Performance Management Architect

Carlos holds a Master in Information Management from KU Leuven.

During his 5 years of work experience as an analyst in consulting and educational services, Carlos developed solid skills related to corporate finance modeling, strategic analysis, and digital transformation in Peru, his country of origin.

During this period, Carlos had the opportunity to closely observe the impact information technology and analytics have on operational and executive decisions. Especially, during critical times when budgeting and forecasting were essential to take appropriate decisions in dynamic and rapidly changing contexts.

Carlos will be part of the Performance Management competence center at element61, where he is eager to apply and expand his acquired knowledge and strengthen our Performance Management team.

Carlos enjoys working in teams and being involved in deep analysis discussions. He believes that collective intelligence is key to delivering optimal solutions.

In his free time, he is a passionate cyclist who loves to explore the forest.

Carlos started working at element61 in September 2022.