Thijs Vermeire

till now

Analytics Analyst

Thijs obtained a Master Degree in Business Engineering, option Data Analytics from Gent University in 2021. He finalised his master with a dissertation comparing different representation learning methods to predict intraday stock price movement. Over his 5 year study, he was able to develop his Analytics skills in Python, R, SQL and Java. During his time in Ghent, he also engaged in a variety of extracurricular activities.

In the course of his Bachelor, he was an active member of the VEK Investment club and later joined the Capitant Investment banking career track. Thijs spent part of his Master on a semester-long exchange to Zhejiang University, China. He learned how to work in a multicultural environment and further improve his Data Analytics skills by enrolling in specialized courses in one of mainland China’s most prestigious Universities.  

In 2020, he did a summer Data Analytics internship at PwC Belgium. There, he already had his first experience in dashboarding using Power BI.

Prior to joining element61, Thijs worked at Intys Data, where he was involved in a Data Governance project at BNP Paribas Fortis.

Thijs joined element61 in March 2022 as Analytics Analyst in the Data Science & Analysis department.