Lauren Janssens

till now

Analytics Architect

Lauren Janssens graduated with a Master of Physics from the University of Antwerp in 2019. In the last year of his study, he did an internship at VITO where he contributed to air quality forecasting models. Here he discovered his passion for Data Analytics and Data Science.

After graduating, he started a position as coordinator of traffic data at the Agency for Roads and Traffic. In one of the projects, he leveraged available log data from traffic light-controlled intersections which were until then underexploited.

After working there for almost two years, Lauren was eager to learn more about the latest technologies and the best practices in the field of Analytics. In 2021, he enrolled in the advanced Master of Science in Data Science for Business program at the University of Ghent. He completed the program with an internship at Mediahuis.

Lauren has a scientific background which he likes to apply in a business context.

Lauren started working at element61 in September 2022.