Adobe Experience Platform

What is Adobe Experience Platform?

The Adobe Experience Platform is the Customer Data Platform (or CDP) of Adobe. It has as an objective to combine data from various sources, allow for data discovery/AI and to support this all in real-time towards various execution channels.

How does it help Marketeers?

In recent years, the customer data platform (CDP) has emerged as a technology to solve one of the hardest challenges facing marketeers today. A CDP allows marketers to unify all their customer data and to deliver a truly consistent experiences across all on- and offline channels being it website personalisation, emails, push notifications and advertising bannering.

The Adobe Experience Platform can help marketeers deliver the tough use-case including:

  • Use real-time scoring of AI models - e.g. Churn or Next Product to Buy - to drive website personalization
  • Build a unique marketing journey across paid (advertising) and unpaid (mail, web personalization)
    - e.g., retarget everyone who hasn't opened the recent newsletter with a customized programmatic advertising banner

Together with other Adobe products, the Adobe Experience Platform can allow

  • Website and app personalization
  • Campaign orchestration cross-channel
  • Targeted advertising of leads or customers


How does the Adobe Experience Platform work?

The Adobe Experience Platform has various functionalities' under the hood' of which we see the following as most important:

  • Cross-device user matching
    = Adobe offers you to take part in the Identity Service Co-Op which allows to leverage a shared cross-device graph supporting cross-device identification of your users.
  • Real-time profiling and segmentation
    = Adobe allows for real-time AI model scoring as well a segmentation profiling
  • Data discovery
    = Adobe support SQL query interfacing as well as Python/R interfacing for data discovery within the platform
  • Open Platform
    = the entire Adobe Experience Platform is build as an Open API data platform allowing for any incoming or outgoing connection to be easily integrated.


Adobe Experience Platform