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With customers and partners in more than 50 countries and more than 2.000 customers relying on timeXtender DiscoveryHub, TimeXtender DiscoveryHub  is one of the leading software vendor for metadata driven and agile ETL and Data Warehousing software dedicated to the Microsoft SQL platform.

TimeXtender DiscoveryHub is a Microsoft SQL Server based tool that simplifies the implementation of the ETL and data warehousing process. TimeXtender DiscoveryHub enables agile dimensional modeling and supports the Kimball data warehousing methodology.

TimeXtender DiscoveryHub

In TimeXtender DiscoveryHub , the data warehouse model is designed in metadata, and you have one single metadata model where you design and make changes to your entire project. TimeXtender DiscoveryHub supports the Kimball methodology of dimensional modeling and enables you to design snowflake schemas and star schemas if required.

As requirements for the data warehouse change constantly, it makes sense to apply agile methodologies to data warehouse implementations. TimeXtender DiscoveryHub agile approach supports short iterations that enable you to keep up with the changing requirements. It also means that your dimensional model is constantly kept up-to-date.

TimeXtender DiscoveryHub works with Microsoft SQL Server and provides a robust and stable base for your data warehouse. TimeXtender DiscoveryHub utilizes and enhances the features of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). All data warehouse projects in TimeXtender DiscoveryHub are fully documented and theres complete version control.

The ability to track historically accurate values for dimension attributes is crucial. TimeXtender DiscoveryHub supports easy implementation of slowly changing dimensions so that you can analyze on how the attribute has changed over time.

The extract, transform and load (ETL) process is critical to any data warehousing project. Using the TimeXtender DiscoveryHub ETL and data warehousing tool, you will achieve several benefits including :

  • automation of extraction of data from multiple data sources
  • auto-generation of SQL code
  • data integration

element61 is an official and certified TimeXtender DiscoveryHub partner.

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