Houssin Yahiaoui

till now

Principal Analytics Architect

Houssin graduated in 2007 as a Bachelor in Information Management Systems with a specialization in Business Intelligence at the KHM in Mechelen.

He started his career as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Datamotive (Cronos). For almost 7 years he has been involved in Report Design, creating Dashboards, ETL and Cube development using the Microsoft BI stack.

After individually delivering a successful E2E migration project, Houssin decided to continue his career as an internal employee at energy company Essent. Still functioning as a BI developer, he quickly evolved into an additional role as Team Lead, being in charge of planning and coordination with the BI Manager, BI Analysts and BI OPS/Developers.

As a result of a technical transition to cloud services and open source tools, Houssin also obtained knowledge in Postgres, Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Report Designer and multiple components of the cloud services from Amazon. From then onwards the Scrum methodology and agile way of working became a primary focus. Houssin transitioned into a Scrum Master Role but was still involved in BI development.

After almost 6 years of working as an internal BI team Lead, Houssin has joined element61 to dive back into the Microsoft BI Stack including PowerBI and Azure as consultant.  As part of his Personal Development Plan (and in line with Cloud evolution) Houssin also certified as Azure Data Engineer Associate.