Microsoft BI Implementation

When doing projects, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

  • A good understanding of the problem and solution is needed.
  • Everything needs to be planned carefully so there are no glitches in the timing.
  • Everything needs to be created according to the specifications.

This is not different for a Microsoft BI project.

element61 therefore uses elementary, a framework and methodology that is used in all its performance management projects. This framework is developed with the years of experience element61 has build in creating performance management solutions in all different technologies. So elementary is also suited for managing and executing Microsoft Business Intelligence projects.

Using elementary, element61 can assure a smooth project progress either implementing OLAP cubes in Analysis Server, developing reports in Reporting Services or integrating all information in the SharePoint environment.

One of the cornerstones for a successful project is also communication and knowledge transfer. We strongly believe in an open communication with the customer. Status and progress meetings are held in regularly scheduled meetings with the involved project team. But also communication at a more detailed technical level. This way the people taking over the project at customers side also grow in the newly build solution. We provide custom training on the tools used during the project if needed. We also foresee time for technical solution training, which consists of explaining why the implementation is done in a specific manner so people understand why certain choices are made.

Another important group of people for the project are the business users. They also need to be trained, and initially coached, on the newly implemented applications in order to take full advantage of it.

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