Planning Analytics Workspace administration


The new version of Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) offers a very useful Administration Page to manage users, administer databases, migrate assets, and process other administrative actions. The Administration page is accessed from the Administration tile on the Planning Analytics Workspace Home page.

In this document, we will go over the different tabs available in this new page, and guide you through its capabilities.

How to get started

Administer users and groups

If you have the administrator role and meet all of the requirements, you can invite or upload users in PAW. You need to be aware that these users & groups need to be setup specifically for PAW,  because the security definition in PAW is a different kind of layer of security as for the models underneath.

The security on the models underneath is about data & process security, whiles the PAW security defines security for books, views, websheets, plans & applications inside PAW.

In the users & groups window, you can also set the role for a user, and link it to a group.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration


Migrate assets with Lifecycle Management

Assets such as books and views can be migrated by an administrator from a source environment to a target environment using Lifecycle Management.

This capability makes it easier to build content in a development environment and then migrate it to your production environment when you are ready to deploy it. If the target environment is available, you can migrate assets in one step. If the target environment is a Planning Analytics Local instance, it’s a 2 step process, you first export your assets from your source environment and then import them in the target environment.

Lifecycle management is also a good way to set up a backup of all your assets created in PAW.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration


When creating a snapshot, there is a wide range of filters that apply, as such you can export/backup specific assets at your pleasing.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration


Customize the interface for your company

One of the new options available is customizing your workspace. This new option allows you to add new color palettes & fonts to the workspace. As such you can create a unique environment that resembles your company colours & font.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration


Monitor and administer databases

One of the biggest advantages of the administer tab is to Monitor & Administer Databases.
This tab allows you to monitor all instances, databases & agents linked to your workspace.

The Databases tile on the Administration page shows the total number of databases & agents in your environment, along with a status summary for all databases & agents.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration

Upon clicking on the tile you will enter an overview of all the active instances.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration

You are presented with  you an overview of the usage and overall the health of the instances.
Over here you can create custom alerts & thresholds to notify and email the necessary people accordingly.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration

Next to that, you can follow up on all the threads running on the database, and cancel these threads were necessary. To do so you previously need either a third party software or TM1Top configured.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration

As an administrator, you can configure the tm1s.cfg file directly from PAW and change parameters where needed. Be careful, as some of those changes only apply after a restart.

Speaking of which, you can also stop & restart a database from PAW.

Planning Analytics Workspace administration


The new administration tab is a very nice addition to the PAW. The fact that you can now monitor and manage databases directly from your front end without having to have access to the hosting server is a relief.
This addition is very handy for both application administrators as well as TM1 Developers that need to access some parts of the server to optimize the working of a model.

The feature to customize your PAW environment to your company-specific colour palette or fonts is a nice to have.


To show you an example we have created a short demo showcasing the new administration tab and showing you how to use it efficiently.

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