SQL Server 2012 Integration Services

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services is not only becoming more robust and better performing with each new release of the product, but also more feature complete. The new features in the SQL Server 2012 version can be divided into 2 groups: Enhanced Usability & Improved deployment, configuration and management.

Enhanced usability will result in increasing productivity for the ETL developer.

He will be able to :

  • Change a component in the data flow without having to open all components in the rest of the flow
  • Undo/redo
  • Change packages that are not connected
  • Pass parameters between packages
  • Use of shared connection managers that will be available after deploying
  • Simplified creation of data views

Once the package is created the concept of a project was lost in Integration Services. With the 2012 (Denali) release the Integration Services server is introduced. This server model will make it possible to:

  • Set value for parameters from the management environment
  • Central connection manager configuration
  • Transparent encryption during deploy to the server
  • Secure objects at project level
  • Have interactive package execution
  • Dashboard and built in reports for troubleshooting package execution

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