SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services

The creation of reports with Reporting Services 2008 R2 can be divided in 3 phases.

First, the user will be creating the different queries for parameters, default parameter values and of course the data to be visualized on the report; next he will be designing the report itself.

During design the developer will determine the objects needed : table, list, graph, matrix or image. Then these components can be further modified according to user specifications by adding:

  • Custom color coding and formatting
  • Grouping with totals and subtotals
  • Header and footer information
  • Images/logos
  • Click through to a location within the report
  • Click through to another report with passing on parameters based on selection
  • Click through to other applications or websites
  • Sub reports
  • Gauges
  • Maps
  • Tablix
  • Etc.

When the developer has finished the report it can be deployed to a reporting portal where users can start consuming this report by accessing it online, rendering it to different formats like Excel, pdf, etc. or setup a subscription to get it automatically send to them by mail or rendered in a specific file-location.

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