Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Microsoft SQL Server 2017Enterprise organizations today have data all over the place in various formats and locations. It's very difficult for business users to keep track of this. Even for organizations who have invested in information architecture and data warehouses, it's still very difficult for business users to access that data and unlock that data for consistent decision making. 

In October 2017, Microsoft released the latest SQL Server 2017 with lots of new features and improvements. These improvements also represent a major step towards various development languagesdata typescloud and operating systems by bringing the power of SQL to Linux and Windows

A list of the new features includes :

Adaptive Query Processing

Thanks to the upgrade of SQL Server 2017 days of slow queries and transactions are over. Microsoft made sure that the lower-end versions are packed with basic Adaptive Query Processing while the Enterprise version boasts Advanced Adaptive Query Processing. Because of this the processing, speeds queries faster than the previous versions.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Linux compatibility

SQL server is now available on Linux and Docker. The release of SQL server 2017 for Linux doesn’t include the full set of features available in the Windows release.

Graph data capabilities

With SQL Server 2017 you can now store Graph data directly in SQL Server itself in graph format using nodes and edges, and you can query it using the query syntax.

Resumeable Index rebuild online

This feature allows you to pause and resume index rebuilds as they are in progress. This means that you don’t have to start all over again when you rebuild your index. Now you can control the impact of the index rebuilds on the perform

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

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