Tanguy Durbecq

till now

Analytics Architect

Tanguy holds a Master in Corporate Finance from Ghent University. Afterwards, he worked for 3 years as a Business Consultant for Easy and as an integration consultant for Adfinity (accounting software). Thanks to this experience, he discovered the world of data and programming as it was part of his job. In 2021, he decided to join WeQan where he could do a full-time job focused on data and programming. He started his journey in business intelligence with Qlik Sense before learning Power BI (front end and back end). In December 2023, WeQan became part of element61.

Next to his professional career, Tanguy does lots of different sports: cycling, running, swimming, spinning and long trails with his dog. As well in sports as in his professional career, he loves to overcome challenges. His next challenge is to do a half Ironman and why not one day a full Ironman?

Tanguy is a quick learner, isn’t afraid to face new technologies and is willing to help others. Having 6 years of experience in consultancy, he knows the value of a happy customer and will do anything in his power to make and keep them happy.

Tanguy is looking forward to discovering the next challenge you will present to him.