Kamil Radomski

till now

Senior Data Governance Architect

Kamil has always been passionate about business and technology. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be in the world of business or IT.

Seeking to combine his passions, he studied to become a Business Engineer at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. During this time, he discovered his affinity for working with data.

After earning his Master's, Kamil joined Deloitte in 2018 as a business analyst in the Artificial Intelligence & Data Team (AI&D) Team.  It was here that Kamil began to develop a proficiency in Data Governance, optimizing data strategies for companies and ensuring that data assets were managed effectively, securely, and efficiently. His role required a deep dive into data management practices, including data migration, analysis, modeling, warehousing, and governance – ensuring data integrity and accessibility in compliance with policy and regulation.

With proficiency in an array of tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM DataStage, Jupyter Notebook, PostgreSQL, and Salesforce, Kamil not only navigated but also shaped in some way, the data landscapes of numerous organizations. His technical expertise was complemented by a strategic understanding of Data Governance frameworks, which he adeptly applied to maximize data value.

Beyond work, Kamil takes pleasure in savoring good food and drinks in the company of his loved ones. He maintains a strong passion for sport (football has a special place in his heart), cars, and music, and finds solace in taking leisurely walks with his wife and two dogs.

Kamil joined element61 in September 2023, where he is actively developing the Data Governance service offering and supporting clients to maximize their data value with Data Governance.