Louis Vincent

till now

Analytics Architect

Having been a real 'maker' all his life, getting his energy from taking a blank piece of paper and creating something useful or beautiful out of it, Louis choose to become a Civil Engineer. 

During his Bachelor, he soon realized that in the domain of Computer Science, taking a blank page is as easy as opening a laptop, and the possibilities to create useful things are limitless. His passion was born. 

Louis took a detour in his Master in Artificial Intelligence to help finish the very first pilot project at an Imec-istart enrolled AI startup, Toqua. The project was a success and gained Louis a lot of experience. 

He then finished his education with a thesis about Bayesian deep learning, where he learned all about state-of-the-art methods to incorporate uncertainty in modern-day predictive models. Meanwhile, he worked part-time at the AI team of Silverfin, where he learned to work in an agile team. 

Louis started working at element61 in September 2022 because he's convinced there is no better place to create value, harvesting the power of data. He's excited to work together with the team and the clients to create beautiful things from just some data and a blank piece of paper.